About me


GOLAZIN is a singer / songwriter who grew up in Isfahan, Iran. Radical restrictions for all female musicians and political unrest drove her to leave her home country in order to pursue her passion for music. Having moved to London, GOLAZIN collaborated with numerous notable producers who themselves have worked with the likes of Basement Jaxx, Jennifer Rush and Kim Wilde to name a few. She has also infused her own heritage into her music, working alongside World Music greats such as Idan Raichel and Iranian producer Daran. Using her cherished culture and her extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western music, GOLAZIN has begun to create records that remain true to both worlds, with an underlying message of raising awareness of Iran.
GOLAZIN grew up showing an early interest in music. Her eclectic tastes meant she was not only inspired by the traditional Iranian folk music but also appreciated Western icons such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Britany Spears. This along with her expertise in playing the piano, dulcimer, dammam (Persian percussion) and the flute allowed GOLAZIN to develop many layers and tones to her own sound. When she was nineteen she joined Iran’s first girlband ‘Orchid’, which in her home country was only allowed to play before a female audience. Following her tours with ‘Orchid’ around Iran she was able to hone her own tastes as an artist as well as garnering a fervent fanbase.
The restrictions in place for female singers in Iran fuelled GOLAZIN’s decision to move to London in 2006. She began studying for her Masters and then PhD in Music Psychology, whilst also performing in the UK and France. She has now played at some of the most illustrious venues in Europe including the Wow Kremlin Palace in Antalya, Turkey and The Hotel Danieli in Venice, Italy; her debut single, “Miri” has already received over 2,000,000 listens, and her latest single “Booseh” has been played more than 800,000 times in less than a month.

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